We help individuals regain their lives through overcoming their addictions 


Bridge To Recovery is a faith-based addiction resource center. We believe in providing healing from addiction and addressing issues people are facing by meeting their mind, body, and spirit needs. BTR offers a loving, supportive, and healing environment. We strive to offer substance abuse services to all in need. Bridge to Recovery removes the barriers of people desperately seeking recovery.

The Bridge To Recovery offers a unique and effective program utilizing professional practice and Spiritual Renewal. We rely on the Bible for Spiritual guidance, but God also created clinical intervention and community-based support. These components are critical. Bridge To Recovery has licensed and certified counselors, and ordained Pastors that lead clients through powerful and life-changing  transformations.


Highlights from the 2018 Hope and Restoration benefiting The Bridge to Recovery and bringing Addiction Awareness to the community.

How do we form a Bridge from Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol into Recovery? How do we help people find hope and peace? We believe in you and we believe that you can find what you need to succeed in life and come out of addiction.

hear from one of our Co-Founder's

Jim Allread explains The Bridge To Recovery


once a decision to get help is made you must act fast

Addiction, depression and suicide often go hand in hand and the opportunity for intervention is usually brief. Despondency can run so deep that the individuals give up quickly if help is not immediate. Individuals truly seeking sobriety are often lost along the way due to the lack of available services and difficulty accessing the services that do exist. Bridge to Recovery removes the barriers and thus forms a "bridge" to recovery for individuals who desperately want help.



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