We help individuals regain their lives through overcoming their addictions 


Bridge To Recovery is a faith-based addiction resource center. We believe in providing healing from addiction and addressing issues people are facing by meeting their mind, body, and spirit needs. BTR offers a loving, supportive, and healing environment. We strive to offer substance abuse services to all in need. Bridge to Recovery removes the barriers of people desperately seeking recovery.

The Bridge To Recovery offers a unique and effective program utilizing professional practice and Spiritual Renewal. We rely on the Bible for Spiritual guidance, but God also created clinical intervention and community-based support. These components are critical. Bridge To Recovery has licensed and certified counselors, and ordained Pastors that lead clients through powerful and life-changing  transformations.



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Jim Allread explains The Bridge To Recovery


once a decision to get help is made you must act fast

Addiction, depression and suicide often go hand in hand and the opportunity for intervention is usually brief. Despondency can run so deep that the individuals give up quickly if help is not immediate. Individuals truly seeking sobriety are often lost along the way due to the lack of available services and difficulty accessing the services that do exist. Bridge to Recovery removes the barriers and thus forms a "bridge" to recovery for individuals who desperately want help.



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special announcement

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We are hosting a training session this Saturday, May 19, at Atrium Health in Monroe is going to bring a ton of value. We wouldn’t ask you all to come if I didn’t think you would benefit! Our hope is that after attending, our community leaders will have more tools to help them as they minister to families who are affected by drug and alcohol addiction.

Did you know everyday across the country more than 175 people die everyday from an overdose? That is the equivalent of a passenger airplane falling from the sky, crashing and having no survivors. Furthermore, In 2016 it is estimated an average of 5 people die everyday from drug overdose in our state. We share this because we don't think most people are aware of the giant problem we have on our hands. In comparison death from overdose exceeds deaths from breast cancer by 25,000 each year and that number is steadily growing. According to the CDC excessive drinking is responsible for 1 out of every 10 deaths. In a four year period from 2006-2010 alcohol claimed the lives of an estimated 88,000 people in the United States. Everyday 29 people die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol impaired driver.

Together we can make a big impact in our community!