Here's a summary about our faith-based treatment.

Treatment for substance abuse takes many forms. The Bridge To Recovery is faith-based, and we use a variety of evidence based clinical techniques. We are community-based, which means 12-Step and Church support is an important part of follow-up care, after graduation. We are abstinence-based, which means we do not use drugs to keep people off of drugs. THIS DOESN’T WORK.

We all rely on the Bible for Spiritual guidance, but God also created clinical intervention and community-based support. These are critical. The Bridge To Recovery offers a unique and effective program utilizing professional practice and Spiritual Renewal. The Bridge To Recovery’s licensed/certified counselors, and ordained Pastors, lead clients through powerful and life changing  transformations.

Here's an overview of our typical schedule

Daily Schedule
    7:15 am Wake Up
    7:30 am Devotions
    8:00 am Family Style Breakfast
    8:30 am Chores/Hygiene
    9:00-10:15 am Recovery Group
    10:30-11:45 am 12-Step Group
    12:- 1:00 pm AA On-Site
    1:00-1:30 pm Family Style Lunch
    2:00-3:30 pm Spiritual Renewal
    3:30-5:00 pm Personal Time
    5:00 or 5:30 pm Family Style Dinner
    6:00 or 7:00 pm Bible Study
    9:00 pm Reflections Group
    10:00 pm Bed
*Activities on Weekends do vary and can include health, fitness, movie night, and family visitation.

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Comfortable Living

Our facilities provide a safe, clean, and supportive environment for your well-being, free from distraction and influence.


Bridge To Recovery Living Room.jpg

a Faith-Based Approach 

The mission of Bridge to Recovery is to provide a Christian support system for those facing the struggles of addiction.


The Bridge To Recovery Bedroom.jpg

Semi-Private Rooms

While in treatment, there will be spacious accommodations in one of our twin bedrooms.