Here's a summary about our services

The Bridge To Recovery serves a diverse population that draws from all North Carolina counties and out-of-state referrals. The four main services that we offer are: Family Interventions, Short term Pre-treatment sober housing, Day Treatment, and Residential Treatment.

family interventions

Bridge to Recovery was founded on the premise that many individuals face great difficulty in accessing quality treatment. Dr. Lew Davis has over 30 years of counseling experience and has been personally clean and sober since 1998. He is a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialists and Master Addictions Counselor. Dr. Davis provides family interventions at no cost to families seeking help. Call The Bridge To Recovery to schedule an appointment with him on our 24/7 helpline 704-909-8025.


pre-treatment & charitable interests

Men and women can be admitted into pre treatment housing almost immediately after detox without questions about insurance or ability to pay. Bridge To Recovery offers two short term sober housing facilities. We have one for men in Oakboro, NC and one for women located in Stanfield, NC. These services are open for anyone seeking recovery from alcoholism and addiction. Our pre-treatment services for both men and women are free of charge, regardless of where you live. Residents can stay as long as necessary until long-term placement is found. Transportation and placement services are provided to everyone in need at no cost.

Thanks to our generous supporters and donors BTR is funded by by individuals, churches, and foundations. Since its inception in 2011, BTR has directly housed/placed over 2,000 individuals and indirectly assisted thousands more. BTR has a 99% placement rate and an excellent reputation among the referral agencies in our network.



Day Treatment

Our day treatment is designed for adults, aged 18 and older who are struggling with addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Clients may live at home or in a safe supportive recovery environment as they work through the alcohol and drug day treatment program.  This is an all-day, short term, structured, intensive treatment program that may be used as a step-down transition from inpatient care or as an alternative to inpatient treatment. Clients participating in the day treatment program will receive evidence based treatment, peer support, and follow our 12 step abstinence based curriculum.


Residential Treatment

The Bridge To Recovery (BTR) is a 28 day residential alcohol and drug treatment center. We strive to offer substance abuse services to all in need. BTR offers low-cost, but high-value treatment in a gentle Christian environment addressing the mind, body, and spiritual needs. 

The Men’s Residential Treatment Program is located just 10 minutes from downtown Monroe in a gentle country setting. This property is located on 5.9 acres and sleeps 10 men in a dual occupancy rooms. This newly remodeled house has six bedrooms and 3 private bathrooms. Our 28 day residential program offers men the opportunity to become free of their addictions using evidence based clinical practices facilitated by state certified and licensed counselors. In addition, we provide Spiritual Renewal with an ordained Pastor.

Treatment at The Bridge to Recovery includes all of the following components:

  • Addressing the individuals Mind, Body, and Spirit

  • Evidence Based Treatment

  • Peer Counseling

  • 12-Step Education

  • Small Group Setting

  • Long-term treatment placement available

  • After care planning

  • Our facility is Staffed with certified and licensed addiction counselors as well as peer support professionals

  • We have a 1:5 staff to client ratio

  • Individual counseling available by request

The cost of this 28-day program is $2,500. To learn more, contact us.

Bridge to Recovery Living Room and Kitchen.jpg

There is plenty of space for discussions or when someone wants to have individual time for prayer.


Bridge To Recovery Living Room.jpg

We pride ourselves on keeping a clean and comfortable space at each of our locations.


The Bridge To Recovery Bedroom.jpg

While in treatment, there will be spacious accommodations in one of our twin bedrooms.